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Mohou si i ženy maximálně užít erotickou masáž?

Men absolutely adore sensual, erotic massages, so it is not surprising that they make up the majority of the clientele.

However, this trend is slowly changing. Do women even enjoy sensual massage? Or is it only for men? Many women find it extremely difficult to relax, especially when they are with someone they don't know. For this reason, finding the right male masseur for any kind of massage is essential. Massage is considered to be an excellent therapy for relieving the pressure we all have to face in our stressful, hectic lives, and there is no reason why women can't get rid of tension, including sexual tension.

Why would a sensual massage benefit the ladies?

Women's self-esteem often depends on the person they are in a relationship with. Relationships in general have a big impact on how we feel, and that means they affect how we feel about ourselves. When a woman comes out of a relationship that didn't work out, it often damages their self-esteem and self-image. Going for an erotic massage to the right male therapist can really help to reconnect with herself and strengthen her feminine side, and rebuild that proper self-esteem. With a sensual massage, women can experience a deep relaxation where they can let go, open up completely, forget about their limitations and experience a kind of sensual pleasure that comes without shame or guilt.

What comes to mind when you say sensual massage? What makes it truly unforgettable?

Setting the atmosphere is extremely important when massaging ladies. She will feel much more comfortable and relaxed if there is a romantic atmosphere around her. Sensually scented candles, pleasant lighting, pleasant colours, a warm room, but also warm hands will set the mood for a good sensual massage. Keep in mind that the sensual experience begins before the massage.

Choosing the right music is as important as having the right bed. Some slow sensual music softly playing in the background will instantly calm a lady's mind.

Women's skin is very sensitive, so the oil should be chosen carefully and it is advisable to try a drop on the hands at the beginning of the session in case she has any allergies. To make it more comfortable for the sensitive lady, the oil should not be applied directly to her skin.

Women need more time to relax and start enjoying themselves than men, so longer sessions are needed to achieve complete relaxation and pleasure.

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