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Oasis of peace and relaxation - enjoy the best massages in Prague

In the busy atmosphere of a big city, it is hard to find a quiet place with a pleasant atmosphere. Massage parlours are one such place where you can forget about the worries of everyday life.

They will lull you into a sensual atmosphere and you will leave feeling reborn.

In this article we will introduce the best types of massages in Prague for men, women and couples. You will discover a mysterious world of intimate experiences that have a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

What are the well-known types of massages?

Therapeutic treatments target different clientele. It should be noted that these are not massages associated with sexual intercourse. There is a pleasant atmosphere during the massage, but physical contact is not a given.

Classic massage

It is based on classical physiotherapy massage, but focuses more on the whole body. The aim is not to correct physical ailments, but to relieve the body and overall regeneration.

During the massage there is an exciting atmosphere supported by pleasant lighting and music. The massage also works as a therapy to increase libido and self-esteem. Classical massage does not focus on the spiritual side like tantra - it is about relaxation on a physical and psychological level.

Body-to-body massage

In classical massage, the girl uses her hands. In a body-to-body treatment, other parts of the body play the main role. Get ready for a sensual experience with hot body-to-body oil, followed by a joint shower.

Body-to-body has unexpected dimensions and promises an intense experience. It is currently the most popular full-body massage.

Couples massage

This unique form of relaxation will relax the body, mind and deepen partner relationships. Partners are massaged by two different people at the same moment. In this way, each person concentrates on himself or herself, while experiencing similar emotions to the partner lying next to him or her.

In couples therapy, we recommend setting a pre-arranged scenario. This is based on the wishes of the particular couple in order to bring about the complete fulfilment of their wishes.

Massage for women

This special kind of treatment targets the fairer sex. Women require a special approach during massage and prefer trust, tenderness and love. This makes it easier for them to open up to their partner and their surroundings in their personal life.

The boundaries of the massage are set by the woman and fully respected by the masseuse. The scenario can take place in the form of a classic treatment or a body-to-body experience. It depends on individual preferences.

Experienced and professional masseuses in Prague

A good masseuse focuses on a full experience. She is not just about relaxing your muscles, but about full relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to this massages boost self-confidence, increase libido and induce excitement.

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