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Vaginal massage: what are its benefits?

In general, massages are designed to relieve tension, improve blood circulation and eliminate stress. But does the same apply to vaginal massage?

Vaginal massages are still a bit of a taboo, few people know that vaginal massages are great helpers for relieving stress and tension.

What is a vaginal massage?
A vaginal massage is exactly what you think it is: a massage that focuses on the area in and around the vagina. Vaginal massage, also known as yoni massage, has been around for centuries and is thought to have its origins in Tantric philosophy.

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word "yoni" means womb. In this sacred context, a woman's womb means the energetic space where the source of all power and creation lives. For this reason, vaginal massage was a spiritual practice rather than an overtly sexual one.

The characteristics of vaginal massage will vary depending on who is performing the procedure. Note that the ultimate goal of massage is not necessarily to achieve orgasm. However, vaginal massage can be a pleasurable experience and can help increase sexual enjoyment.

What are the benefits of vaginal massage?
There are several reasons to try vaginal massage:

It stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, which is beneficial if you experience numbness or pain in the area during sex.
Vaginal massage is known to offer some relief from the physical pain associated with childbirth.
Some use vaginal massage as a healing therapy after sexual violence or trauma.
Vaginal massage contributes positively to your overall health and emotional well-being with the potential to improve your sex life.
Vaginal massage is gaining popularity as a way for women to experience better sex and derive more pleasure from it. Be sure to seek out a professional vaginal massage practitioner you trust. Or simply try vaginal massage alone or with a partner to enjoy all the benefits.

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