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Without erotica, we wouldn't be here

Erotica has always been with us and always will be. Because if it's not with us, then sooner or later we won't be either. Without it, we'd be extinct.

Scientists might argue that eroticism is not necessary, that we humans could somehow reproduce without it, but the fact is that if it were not there, we humans would not be sufficiently motivated to reproduce. And, except for those who would care deeply about having their offspring, we would be dying out because people would rather pursue other pastimes. We would certainly find plenty of forms of entertainment, there would be plenty to replace the unattractive eroticism.
But still, we would not exist at all, if eroticism had not been given to us in the very beginning of humanity. Because back then, artificial insemination and test-tube babies weren't known about, and so our ancestors would have made sure we didn't exist long ago.
So it is undeniably good that eroticism exists and that it does us good. So good that it is with us at all times, and under whatever regime prevails. Just think back to the socialist era. How prudish it was, how any public display of eroticism was suppressed, how this pleasurable affair was considered a bourgeois relic! And yet we not only multiplied, but we still have a generation of Husák's children from those times, which we will hardly ever surpass in numbers, and which would not be here without the eroticism that goes with reproduction, even if the comrades had offered I don't know what.
Eroticism simply has to be there. And it has to be there to make us feel good. And this one is good for us. Especially if we're not alone.
And when we are alone? Then we can head to a massage parlour where we can indulge in it with our beautiful counterparts anytime. Because here they will never say no, here they will never slam our noses in our faces, here we will succeed unlike our wives even if we don't vacuum at home, wash the dishes, etc.
There's no such thing as being expensive here. And why not take advantage of such an opportunity? When it's all about satisfying something that's our nature?

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